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      About this demo

      This is a demo website for Taopix

      This demo site is a simple website that has been integrated with Taopix using one of our APIs to demonstrate a typical integration. Taopix can be integrated with any website, including sites delivered by e-commerce platforms and other content management systems.

      This demo site shows a selection of the features and configuration possibilities supported by the Taopix platform. Taopix supports a huge range of configuration possibilities, if you are interested in finding out about other options, please book a live demo or contact us to discuss your requirements.

      The website has been optimised for all screen sizes so you can design and order products from your mobile, tablet or computer.

      Please note, we can’t actually print any of your test projects but If you wish to receive a print-ready file from the system to test on your equipment, please email stating the order number provided in your order confirmation email and we’ll send the file to you.

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